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What Are Behavioral Health Services?

woman wonders what is behavioral health

In the health care and wellness world, the terms “behavioral health” and “mental health” are often used interchangeably. However, they are not exactly the same thing. There are distinct differences between the two. While behavioral health usually refers to how behaviors impact someone’s well-being, mental health is more concerned with someone’s state of being. Mental health, therefore, is only one aspect of behavioral health.

So, what is behavioral health? Find out more about behavioral health programs that may help you or your patients, contact AssuraSource today and ask about our telehealth counseling services. Call 972.233.1010 or reach out to our team online.

What Is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health has to do with the connection between the health and well-being of both the body and the mind. It can include everything from eating and drinking habits to mental health – even extending to changing exercise routines, family or marriage counseling, and going to substance abuse treatment programs.

Daily cognitive habits affect someone’s overall behavior, biology, emotions, and well-being. Behavioral health is far more expansive than mental health because it focuses on how someone’s thoughts play out in real life.

Good behavioral health can look like engaging in behaviors that help you achieve an ideal physical and mental balance. To accomplish this goal, you should:

  • Exercise
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Meditate
  • Try new hobbies or activities
  • Manage existing medication conditions

What Is Behavioral Therapy?

In general, behavioral therapy is understood as an umbrella term that sits above many types of therapy that can treat mental health disorders. Professionals that can provide behavioral health counseling include psychologists, social workers, and general physicians.

Behavioral therapy seeks to recognize and help change unhealthy and potentially self-destructive behaviors. Its foundation is the idea that all behaviors are learned – which means that unhealthy behaviors can, therefore, be changed over time. The focus of treatment is often on current problematic behaviors and how to change them.

Many behavioral therapy programs include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Treatment is then centered around how a patient’s beliefs and thoughts influence their current moods and actions. The long-term goal of therapy like this is to change a patient’s behavioral patterns and ways of thinking to healthier ones.

Talk therapy can help patients modify their behaviors for the better, reinforcing positive behaviors and finding ways to overcome negative behaviors. In doing this, diagnosing or dealing with mental health problems.

What Should You Expect from a Behavioral Health Program?

More often than not, behavioral health programs will use talk therapy. As mentioned above, CBT and other types of care may be included in the process.

Typically, a behavioral health program aims to provide a safe and helpful environment for patients to understand and gain support for the needed changes they are working toward. A patient’s behavioral goals, concerns, health diagnoses, and particular needs should all be considered. As part of their healing, patients should also develop more knowledge for better decision-making in the future.

The goal of any behavioral health program should be to have patients experience improved mental and physical health, strengthened or restored relationships, better family and social functioning, and peace of mind.

Begin to Heal with AssuraSource’s Behavior Health Services

What is behavioral health? Excellent behavioral health allows people to be more productive, cope better with stress, engage in healthy eating and sleeping, get enough exercise, and maintain a positive outlook. Contact AssuraSource today by calling 972.233.1010 or reaching out to our team online and ask about our telehealth behavioral health counseling services.