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Brief Cognitive Therapy

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man talking to woman about brief cognitive behavioral therapy programsCognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based therapy used to treat a wide range of mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders. Brief CBT, meanwhile, is a shortened implementation of CBT. Where a typical cycle of CBT may involve as many as twenty sessions spread across as long as six months, brief CBT may be as short as four sessions that fit into a single month or less. Brief cognitive therapy is also meant to concentrate on just one or two issues a patient experiences rather than looking at the entire range of issues they present. 

At AssuraSource, our team believes in the effectiveness of behavioral health therapy programs. We also aim to make our behavioral health therapy programs as accessible as possible with our telehealth services. Learn more about behavioral health therapy programs when you call AssuraSource at 972.233.1010 or fill out our online contact form.

How Does CBT Work?

The efficacy of CBT, and its counterpart brief CBT, is grounded in examining the patterns of thought and behavior that govern someone’s disorder. It is widely applied to treat anxiety and depression disorders. CBT teaches patients how to recognize cognitive distortions that negatively impact their mental and physical health. Once identified, these distortions can be addressed and uprooted to be replaced by more positive thought processes. 

People engaged in CBT learn how to identify problems clearly and accurately, challenge faulty assumptions about themselves or the world around them, avoid fearing the worst, develop positive frames of thought and action, and distinguish between truth and irrational beliefs. CBT typically occurs in one-on-one sessions between a client and a trained mental health professional. Group CBT is also an option offered by many treatment providers. 

A CBT treatment regimen involves role-playing activities, keeping a cognitive-behavioral journal, practicing coping skills that promote behavior change or growth, frequent feedback, and strategies for calming the mind and body in times of stress.  

Brief Cognitive Therapy Program Focus

Brief cognitive therapy programs tend to lend themselves to treating certain issues whose scope can be tackled within a shorter period of time. Common problems addressed through cognitive behavioral therapy include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobias

At the same time, some disorders are not good candidates for brief CBT as they usually require a robust, lengthy treatment process. Two examples of things that brief CBT is not a good fit for include alcohol abuse disorder and personality disorders like schizophrenia. In addition, brief cognitive therapy is less suited to addressing co-occurring disorders. The concentrated nature of brief CBT means it does not offer the time to address those types of holistic or multi-faceted concerns fully.

Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program in Dallas, Texas

AssuraSource is a leading provider of brief cognitive behavioral therapy programs in Dallas, Texas. In fact, our brief cognitive therapy program is just one among many other behavioral health therapies we offer. Notably, each patient can take advantage of a virtual therapy option to ensure convenient and easy access to the help they need. 

This specialization in virtual behavioral services is designed to reach Texans who may be medically or geographically isolated, are coping with additional medical concerns that make in-person visits difficult, or are temporarily or permanently homebound. Telehealth behavioral therapy options of course include brief CBT, but AssuraSource also offers dialectical behavioral therapy, EMDR, and therapies for anxiety and depression. Moreover, we know some clients prefer to receive in-person care. For that reason, we offer home visit therapists for people living in and around Dallas, Texas. Both in-person and telehealth therapists have deep experience treating people in various life stages who hail from all kinds of backgrounds. No matter who you are, you can expect to be treated with dignity, value, and respect.

Choose AssuraSource for Brief Cognitive Therapy

Mental health concerns don’t need to hold you back. We pride ourselves on making therapy and mental health services accessible to as many people as possible. As such, we accept Medicare and Medicaid insurance to help people receive the care they need and deserve. If you or someone you know could benefit from a brief cognitive therapy program in Dallas, Texas, please contact us by calling 972.233.1010 or completing our online form.