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5 Things You Will Learn in Anger Management Classes

group in anger management classes

Anger is a common human emotion. Everyone will experience it at different points in life. Some expressions of anger are positive and healthy. On the other hand, anger can also be incredibly destructive and negative. Most people can recognize when anger is appropriate and when it will be unhelpful.

Nonetheless, some people struggle with anger issues. They may find themselves unable to control their anger. Or, they fly off the handle for the most minor thing that most people wouldn’t be bothered by. Anger is not on its own a mental health disorder. Anger management classes are still a quality intervention for when anger has gotten out of control.

Stem the damage anger is causing in your life by calling 972.233.1010 to learn about anger management therapy and what you learn in anger management classes.

5 Things You Will Learn in Anger Management Classes

1. Identify Emotions and Root Causes

Unwieldy anger can be an offshoot of not being in touch with your emotions. You may find yourself getting angry for no reason or not being able to identify why you are actually angry. Anger management therapy provides the space to interrogate what is behind these expressions of anger. There is likely a root cause. Unearthing and discussing the root cause of anger is a necessary step to reordering your life.

2. Healthy Expressions of Power

Anger is often a manipulative emotion that is heavily intertwined with power. People dominate and control others using emotion. Or else anger may stem from being dominated and controlled. Anger management techniques help people express power and navigate power dynamics in healthy ways that neither diminish themselves nor oppress others. 

3. Gratitude and Appreciation

Unchecked anger saps life of its vitality. Mindsets that dwell on anger and nothing else shrink and shrivel and become lifeless. Sometimes what is needed is a shift in focus from anger to instead lingering on what you have to be grateful for in life. It is so easy to let the negatives dominate your outlook. What you learn in anger management therapy is how to shift your mindset to give appropriate space to the positives.

4. How to Say No

One common source of anger is failing to say no. That counts in struggling to say no to yourself and your desires when they don’t align with a healthy lifestyle. It also depends on saying no to others when it would overextend you or put you in harmful situations. Saying no is a critical self-care skill.

5. Manage Emotions

Managing emotions and the self-beliefs that influence them are key to controlling anger. The beliefs people have about themselves often come out through their emotions. Negative self-beliefs may bubble up in anger. Correcting incorrect patterns of thinking can thus lead to more stable feelings that are easily managed. 

Common Signs You Need Help Managing Your Anger

Learning anger management techniques is most beneficial for people who have developed negative patterns of anger in their lives.

A few signs to look for in deciding whether or not you need help with anger management include:

  • Major outbursts at the smallest provocation or setback
  • Struggles with addiction or substance abuse to alleviate or control anger
  • Refusal to speak or interact with someone following an argument or disagreement
  • Self-destructive behavior that continues despite negative consequences
  • Relational challenges forming healthy bonds

What you learn in anger management will disrupt these negative cycles or habits. Anyone can benefit from anger management classes. The communication and coping skills learned during anger management impact work, relationships, and quality of life.

Learn Anger Management Techniques at AssuraSource

AssuraSource is a premier provider of behavioral therapies both virtually and using in-home visits. What you learn in anger management classes has the ability to transform your life. Learn more about AssuraSource’s approach to anger management by contacting 972.233.1010.