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5 Benefits of In-home Behavioral Health Treatment

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Did you know that only around one-third of people with mental health issues seek professional help? While there are various reasons they don’t do so, the difficulty of actually accessing professional health care is a huge obstacle. People may also be reluctant to seek help publicly because of the stigma attached to mental illness. That’s why remote therapy or in-home behavioral health treatment is essential.

Studies show that behavioral therapy has been used successfully to treat a large number of conditions effectively. While technology is not always a replacement for face-to-face treatment for mental health issues, it can offer increased flexibility and choice for possible clients. It may also motivate some people to take that first step in seeking professional help.

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5 Benefits of In-home Behavioral Health Treatment

1. Convenience

With in-home behavioral therapy, the therapist comes to your home. This is easier and less stressful for families or those with busy schedules. No time and energy will be wasted traveling to a mental health care facility. Therapy appointments usually fit right into a person’s or family’s routine without any real interruption to their daily lives.

2. Ease in Addressing Certain Behaviors

Some behaviors occur most often in the home. In-home behavioral therapy can make it easier for therapists to observe these behaviors. When a therapist is providing treatment at your home, they will be better equipped and able to address behavioral issues as they unfold. Behavioral therapy programs can also be more easily customized to fit a person’s or family’s specific living environment.

3. Familiar Environment

When behavioral therapy is done in the home, people have the chance to meet therapists in a place that’s comfortable, safe, and secure for them. It can be scary and distracting to get to know and adapt to new people and unfamiliar spaces. Therefore, eliminating the new space and conducting the therapy in a familiar environment could produce better results.

4. Family Involvement

By having a trained professional provide behavioral therapy to someone at their home, parents and other family members have the option to actively participate during the sessions — with professional guidance, of course. Family members may also help keep track of a person’s therapy progress outside of at-home treatment sessions.
Therapists can work with the person in therapy at home while also observing familial behaviors and dynamics. This knowledge would give them the data to give excellent feedback to the person in treatment when their issues involve family members.

5. Comfort

People may have difficulty opening up to a stranger about their feelings, hopes, and struggles. In a home environment, they can share their stories comfortably on their living room couch or around their kitchen table, where they feel more in control. This also eliminates the issue of not going to sessions because of public perception or because someone doesn’t trust their therapist yet.

What Types of Remote Therapy Are Available?

Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term for certain types of therapy used to treat mental health disorders. Behavioral therapeutic approaches seek to help clients recognize and change potentially unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors. Most of these approaches function on the idea that all behaviors are learned, meaning that people can learn to change their unhealthy behaviors. The focus of behavioral therapy treatment is often on current problems and how to change them.

There are several different types of behavioral therapy, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral play therapy
  • Aversion therapy
  • System desensitization

Embrace In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment from AssuraSource

In-home behavioral therapy is often the best option for people with busy schedules to improve and enhance mental health. At AssuraSource, our team is ready to help you or a loved one feel more mentally strong by calling 972.233.1010 or completing our online form.